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  Day 5 - Accelerate Faster by Mastering the Snap-Back

This is a super important concept you will run into every time you attempt to raise your vibration in a significant way.

Only when you can become aware of it, witness when it's happening and respond in a new way will you be able to take 5 steps forward and no steps back.

I call this concept the Snap-back…

It will attempt to distract you from where you are aiming and snap you back to the level you are currently balanced at.

If you try to raise your vibration, to think in a new way, to expand the role you are playing within the world, to escape the goo, it will attempt to challenge you, knock you off balance and snap you back.

Here is an example of how this works.

Recently, Haley and I dropped our kids off at their grandparents house (who recently moved nearby) and took the whole day to focus on our 'king and queen' vibe. We've both been working on major projects and taking everything we're doing to new levels.

The momentum was building. It was one of those days where everything just built on the next. Dropping the kids off was just the space we needed to sync together and lift off in a new way.

As we're bouncing our excitement back and forth to each other we stop at the farmers market in Boulder for breakfast. Afterwards we walked to Pearl street so I could update my wardrobe.

Haley's been wanting a new wedding ring to replace her old one (which was too bulky and would get caught on things) for some time. She lit up when I told her we should look for one this day, adding to the vibe.

I was impulsed to walk into a crystal shop where she found the perfect ring with a Moldavite gemstone. Moldavite has been a symbolic stone in our lives for some time. It's known as the fast forwarding stone. It's easily the most powerful stone I've ever come into contact with.

Go into any gem-shop that carries it and the owner will have stories about people returning it's jewelry or feeling like it has too much energy to enter their lives. I gave the first piece I had to a friend and his entire life went bonkers and reordered itself. This stone is powerful as was the timing with which it entered our lives and it's placement as Haley's new wedding ring.

We left for the mall to get the ring sized listening to Jay-Z's new album 4:44. The album put us on another level. Jay Z and Beyonce are the epitome of king and queen and the album has lyrics that put off the billionaire vibe. "What’s better than one billionaire? Two”

It aligned perfectly with where our momentum was focused the entire day. When we got back to Nederland where we live we stopped into our favorite local crystal shop. I was looking for quartz obelisk to replace the one Phoenix broke months prior.

I went over to the quartz cabinet and looked over the stones until one stood out beyond all others. It called me giving off a rainbow look to it. I opened the cabinet and reached inside. It was priced the same as everything else around it on the shelves yet it was 3-4 times the size.

As I went to ring it up the woman behind the register said under her breath, 'wow, this is powerful.' As I paid she said I made a super lucky find. Referencing its price in comparison to its size. Being lucky has actually been our main theme and focus lately. Focusing on feeling lucky is a great way to manifest awesome results in your life.

So I've set up the vibe for you. We were feeling like a power couple. King and Queen. Beyonce and Jay-Z. A couple of self-made billionaires. And our day was perfectly in sync with our vibe.

We were on a higher vibe than we've touched before. We acquired new crystals (like we do each time we raise to a level) and we also knew what this meant. It meant that we would have to be prepared for a snap-back. Not that we were expecting one, just that we knew to be ready for one if it occurred.

And sure enough, just like all the times we've been in a similar vibe rocketing situation before, it occurred. Only this time we knew to handle it differently.

It came upon us as this perfect storm. So many events had to happen in order to trigger the snap-back. I had to borrow a couple thousand dollars from my parents because I recently changed my bank account and a 3k check I was expecting got delayed. This put us in an old 'we need your help' frame with my most powerful trigger, my mom.

I'm not perfect. I still want her to feel safe. I want her to trust what I'm doing and I even want her approval. It's something I've largely gotten over but in the right moments it still has it's sting. And she knows just how to set me off. Even if she's not doing it on purpose.

All it took was a text message a few hours after we got home. I responded too quickly. I felt the back and forth conversation between our minds and I got frustrated. I tried to clear my frustration and focus on how much Phoenix loved me and cared about me.

I walked into the room where Nix and Haley were watching a movie and he (probably feeling my energy) told me to 'Go' and pointed to leave the room. Just as I was using his love as a reason to avoid feeling my mother's worry he hit me right where it hurts. The little man rejected me. And my ego wanted to hurt him for it.

Before I knew it I lost my temper. I yelled at him and moved him too aggressively off the pillow, scolding him for trying to tell me what to do. He cried in reaction to how I treated him and Haley sitting right next to him was about to go FULL MAMA BEAR on me.

I knew immediately that what I did was wrong. I felt horrible for making him cry. Previously an event like this would have caused a huge fight between Haley and I. She would have yelled at me. I would have defended myself and yelled back. We would have lost all the momentum we built throughout the day. We would have snapped back into our old reality. Like a rubber band that's stretched too far out of its comfort zone.

But Haley and I both knew what this event was. It was the snap-back. Instead of reacting she stayed quiet. Instead of justifying myself I left the room and sat on the couch and quieted my mind. I got clarity on the whole situation.

When I returned Haley and I were able to talk about what happened. The events leading up to it and how we were able to respond differently. I was able to apologize to Phoenix and he gave me a huge hug letting me know he accepted my apology.

Instead of snapping back to a lower vibration we maintained our presence and dealt with the situation rationally and calmly with as little ego as possible. Because we caught ourselves we maintained our vibration so that our reality would snap forward and meet us where we are now at. You could say we passed the test. We responded in a new way and we were ready to assimilate into our new vibration.

The next day we were rewarded with new clarity on exactly how to execute the next step in our vision. A new understanding of what it takes to accelerate and a new awareness around the three steps forward two steps back cycle we usually experience.

This is the end of week 1. Next week we will get started by looking at some misconceptions around how the universe actually works.

For now, let us know a time you've experienced a snap-back in the discussion below.