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  Day 4 - Why Manifestations Disappear

Why is it that sometimes desires appear to be manifested but then...disappear?

Just when you think you have exactly what you want right in front of you. It slips away.

I notice this happening again and again. When Haley and I were looking for houses we thought we found the most amazing place. Then it didn't work out.

I had an investor about to put down 40k for a new business I was starting. It was locked in. Everything was going forward beautifully. Then at the last minute with no real reason they stopped responding and it died.

I was looking for a new way of giving back and using the skills I had. I thought I had the perfect opportunity to work at an exciting company on the leading edge of information. In perfect alignment with my interests. Everything's going great. It's right in front of me. Then boom, it falls through.

What I've noticed is that every time this happens it's because that situation wasn't as perfect as I thought it was in the first place. It was just me manifesting another experience I thought I wanted that showed me more of who I really am and what I really do want.

Haley and I didn't get that house. But a few months later we found an even better one in a better place that we could rent instead of buying. It was 10x better than the place we missed out on. In the PERFECT location. Now we love the home we made here and have new clarity on exactly the kind of place we want to live when we do buy a house.

With the investors I realized later that they were not the people I would have wanted investing in my business anyways. You don't just want money you want smart money. Someone who brings experience as well as money to the table. It was good that it fell through. The business idea they were going to invest in has since changed forms into something much more beautiful. If I would have gotten the money at that time I might not have been able to see this new vision until it was too late.

The work opportunity that fell through the cracks would have taken me away from my family. It would have pigeon holed me into a role that I'm good at but isn't within my real genius. And I would have never found the path I am on now. Right after that fizzled away I found a new project for myself that is going to be 100x more fulfilling and fruitful. And the company wasn't the startup environment that I pictured it was in the first place.

So when the desire you think you are wanting so bad is right in front of you and then disappears. Be excited. Be grateful. Know that it wasn't what it was cracked up to be. Know that something even better is on it's way to you instead.

See those opportunities as signs that you are getting closer and closer to what you are wanting. You are on the right track. Yes it sucks when they fall away. But give it some time. Sooner or later you'll look back and see that something much better took its place.

Haley: One of my favorite examples of this was when I was 8 months pregnant with Nix, I had just quit my job, Trav was doing everything he could to bring in some money in a way that wasn’t a job. We had nothing.

Then an opportunity came along. An online gig that allowed Trav to work from home and when he wanted. It was enough money to cover all our expenses. I have never been so relieved in my life. I was over the moon. I thought we had found the perfect opportunity.

Trav started working for this man writing content and then Phoenix was born via emergency c-section three weeks early. The next day the man Trav was working for told him he wasn’t going to be able to hire him after all. We were devastated.

We had a brand new baby and no income. ZERO. In the moment I was so confused. Why did that happen? Now I see that it happened to help us understand that working for someone else, depending on a paycheck from someone else isn’t how we wanted to spend our time, and if that job had worked out we’d have wasted months and maybe even years marching in the wrong direction.

Moral of the story, there is always a reason, and despite the initial disappointment, know that something better is coming. The universe is cooking up exactly what you want.

When has something you thought you wanted disappeared only to be replaced by something better?