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  Day 2 - Necessary Effort

How much effort is required to manifest what I want?

Often times people get into the law of attraction, Abraham Hicks teachings and they think all they have to do is feel good and everything will workout for them, no effort required. How convenient!

I see the teachings around Law of Attraction as the most powerful foundation there is to build your belief system on. But, you still need to meet the universe part of the way. The more action you take the more inspired action you find. The more movement you create the more the universe can move things into your world to help you out.

It’s not about yes action or no action it’s about right action. It’s about not feeling obligated to do the actions everyone else says you should do. Because you know there is a deeper guidance within you and you trust in the magic enough to take risks. It’s about taking MASSIVE action but not burning yourself out if nothing is going your way. In that case, stop action, reflect, return to feeling as good as possible, meditate, and then return to following your highest excitement.

Let me give an example to illustrate. I had been living in Colorado less than a year. I refused to get a job because I didn’t want a job. I wanted to make passive income online and spend my days doing whatever I wanted with my time. I wanted that more than anything.

So I refused a certain kind of action and I took a different kind. I knew that aligning with my desire would be vibrational so I took actions to keep my vibration in as high of a place as I could each day. I developed a gratitude practice. I made sure I exercised every day and I ate as perfectly as I could. I spent the free time I had reading and learning about building a business online. I took action, failing again and again at different ideas.

A time came when I needed money and I was sick of being alone in front of the computer all day. So I was finally ready to give getting a job another shot, but I wasn’t going to try that hard. I wasn't going to send out 1000 resumes and follow up and go into interview after interview.

I was just going to set the intention that I would be open to getting a job. I updated my resume. And I spend a little time looking at job boards and thinking about which job might be fun to have.

Meanwhile, my mom is reflecting to me the “do do do” mindset of the masses and barking orders.You should do this, you need to do this, you have to do this. That’s an example of the ‘action only’ mindset that gets us into trouble.

I sent out a couple resumes. I got a call from one place. I went in for the interview, in 15 minutes I was out and invited back the next day for a ride along. As I left I knew I had the job. It was a shobby door to door sales job that would hire anyone. It fell into my lap easily. They said they would call me that night to tell me if I got the job.

On my way home from the ride along I was talking to my mom telling her about the situation and she said not to take a job, to work hard at finding another one. It wasn't perfect. (I knew my perfect job wasn't a job). I hung up. I was going to reject the job. The phone rang.. It’s a mentor, friend I had in Milwaukee. He called me out of the blue, I haven't heard from him in months. I told him about the job. He said it was the kind of job he always thought I should take to build my skills. I decided to take the job. We hang up, the job called. I took the job.

The job was fun. It was a lot of effort but I learned a ton. I was crushing. I was one of the top salespeople in the office very quickly. Two months in they started fucking with me. New hires are supposed to go to top performance to train, but the boss starts giving them to his roommate.

When you get top sales you're supposed make a little speech the next day. I liked these speeches, they were good for developing my speaking skills, the reason I was there. My talks we’re a little outside the box…so even when I got top sales they would conveniently skip over me.

This coincided to some people in the office becoming quite annoying and even disrespectful. Also a cute girl joined my team who I wasn’t aloud to date because she was on my team and I was training her.

As soon as I stopped enjoying my days at the office I knew I was out.

That cute girl from my team and I quit the next week. She is now my wife.

Neither of us had jobs after this. Neither of us wanted to get jobs. We lived off her tax return. She left her apartment and lived in mine. We would exercise and read and meditate every day. But we’d never looked for jobs. We never efforted at something that didn’t feel good. Instead we laid in bed and felt as good as possible. We listened to Abraham Hicks. We visualized what we wanted our lives to look like and we found gratitude for our situation each day.

Here we are three years and two kids later. Both retired from the workforce making passive income moving forward the projects we love everyday.

If you’re not moving and growing in your life you’re dying, but if your effort is soul crushing then it’s the wrong kind of effort. If you want to live in a cave and be provided everything from nature you could probably spend most of your days sitting around doing nothing. If you have a vision you want to execute in order to spread massive amounts of light into the world then you aren't going to develop into the person you need to become to get there if you’re sitting around watching CNN, eating cheetos, pretending that you feel good.

You need some level of doing, of moving towards what you want, with overcoming resistance and cultivating grit.

But for the times you're not up for pushing forward or don't quite know where to go remember that the other more powerful half of the equation. Your higher self is always guiding you towards what you desire and it knows the best route to get there.

Give in to the 'laziness' and relax your busy self. Even if it's just for the day. Give yourself space to move in different directions and be open to finding new ones.

Even when you're not 'making it happen' in the physical world there is a hurricane of energy working on your behalf. Let it take over if you need a break.

And when you get back to hustling your heart out make sure you take time each and every day for reflection and mindfulness. Sit your ass down in a chair or a pillow and be ‘there’ as much as possible, for 20-30 minutes, before you turn all the way up and knock everything out of the park again.

Haley: I am a doer. I have that protestant work ethic ingrained deep in my psyche. Idle hands are the hands of the devil right? Wrong. Idle hands and minds allow for understanding and intuition which help you stream line the doing that you do.

Taking a step back from the doing gives you clarity and allows you to remove obstacles on your path. This manifestation stuff is all about balance and stability. You must take action, but it must be action that feels good for you. Forcing anything will only throw unnecessary obstacles on to your path or send you marching in the wrong direction.

This doesn’t allow the universe to make magic for you. ‘Do’ when you feel called to do, but don’t use action as a means of running away from an aspect of yourself or to force something that may not be meant for you.

At the same time do not use this lesson as a means to avoid action you know you need to take. Once again it is all about being honest with yourself and using your intuition/emotions as your guiding light.

Haley’s Exercise:

How to know when to “do”

Write down the desire you are trying to manifest.

Next write down any and all actions you can think of that would get you your desire as if you had already done it. Then look at each action and notice the first emotion you feel when you read it to yourself. Do you feel relieved after reading it or does it induce anxiety?


I desire a relationship.

Possible Actions:

I made an online dating profile today.

I asked that cute guy from the coffee shop out.

I read a book about relationships or dating.

I asked a friend for dating advice.

I started working out today to build self-confidence.

I joined a yoga studio.

Make as many actions as you can think of that would take you a step closer to your desire. Go back through them and as you read them think about it as if that statement is something you actually did today. Did it make you feel good or not? Cross off the ones that don’t feel good. Take action on the ones that do!

Leave a comment about the understanding you’ve discovered in your life in relation to effort while manifesting your dreams. Tomorrow we’ll get into how you can turn things around in extreme circumstances.