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  Introduction - What to Expect

Thank you so much for being a part of this Master Your Universe Course. The first week is absolutely free. It will give you an idea of what you can expect from the rest of the course.

The lessons will consist of commonly asked questions followed by an answer written by me, Travis. You can follow me on instagram to see my life unfolding @travis_eric

Lessons will include detailed explanations of how you can master each concept as well as personal examples to ground the concepts in reality. There will also be exercises you can use to shift your perspective and increase your manifesting power.

You will also find tips from my wife Haley. You can follow her on instagram @motherlovinyogi. She has an awesome take on all of this. She’s experienced these concepts first hand. She will be adding input where she sees fit. This will round out many of the lessons and give you another perspective you might relate to.

This class is going to be an amazing catalyst to you living your most inspired life. I’m so excited you decided to partake in this journey with us.

The first week of the course is completely free. If you want to share this course in groups are a part of or with friends you think would love it send me an email at [email protected] and I will make you an affiliate.

As an affiliate you will earn $100 for every person who signs up for the full course with your link.

If you fall in love with the first week and feel that the rest of the 6-week course will guide you to everything you are wanting (which it will) the price for the full course is $197. I debated even making the first week free because I know people do not value what they do not pay for.

I also debated making this course $997 because I know the results it can get for people in their lives if they follow the material and do the exercises. I mean how do you put a price on creating the exact life you want?

But I wanted to make this course attainable to everyone who was ready to master their universe.

There are 6 weeks of lessons and 5 lessons each week. You get the weekends off. Find one hour per day each morning or before going to bed at night and read the next day’s lesson.

By the end of the 6-weeks you will have new insight into how the universe works. You’ll know how to maintain a positive vibration and how to increase it permanently. You will discover exactly what you most deeply desire and launch yourself in the direction of its fulfillment.

You will Master Your Universe and Manifest Your Dreams.

Go ahead and get started on Day 1 - Destroy Limiting Beliefs.

P.S. Don't forget email me at [email protected] with the subject "I want to be a MYU affiliate!" using the email you used to signed up for the course. Earning $100 for every person you refer that signs up for the whole course is an easy way let more abundance into your life.