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  Day 3 - Making a ‘U-Turn’ in Extreme Circumstances

How do I make a ‘U-Turn’ in extreme circumstances?

Rock bottoms are some of the most difficult lessons we can learn from as humans. Sometimes they are unavoidable. It's the climb out that gives you the perspective you need.

A rock bottom usually requires a lot of momentum from a lot of different areas of life which begin to push you into those circumstances in order to happen. If you're recovering from a rock bottom give yourself a ton of credit, overcoming that kind of momentum is difficult. You made it. The climb up is the fun part.

I've experienced one of those 'points of no return' where it feels like it's going to take forever, maybe never, to get back on my feet again. My entire world crashed down and everyone I knew thought I was crazy.

Luckily, prior to this event I learned that there is an order to the most important things you can do to improve your life your life. If i was going to climb back up that (even bigger) mountain I was going to need to lay a very sturdy foundation.

That meant (and still means) making sure each one of my habits was working to support myself and my best health. Eating the best foods possible (Local, Organic, From a farm rather than out of a box). And drinking clean unadulterated water (probably not the tap water). Getting some form of movement everyday that stretched me or pushed my comfort zone.

I made sure I ate as pure as possible. I went 95% paleo for 3+ years, ran on trails outside pretty much every day and stuck to a meditation practice of 30 minutes or more daily. Meditation is one of my most treasured habits to this day.

I knew that if I stopped moving, meditating or eating well for more than a couple days something in my life was going off balance and I needed to start back at the foundation. This meant saying no to things and putting myself first. I built my life around spirituality rather than fitting in spirituality around my life.

I knew I would need to make every one of my steps count. I made sure I went and did everything I enjoyed before that were good for me. I made sure I got out in front of as many people as possible to ground me again. But I also took a lot of my own alone time to process.

Do everything you can to raise your energy. Avoid negative substances and negative people. Feed your mind with new inspiring content everyday. Seek challenges, inspiration and chart a new course for your dream in the stars.

We can hang out with the most incredible people in the world today, thanks to movies, books, podcasts, and the internet. It's incredible. We truly can be or do or have anything with the right mindset and an exciting way forward.

Do the best you can not to beat yourself up over anything that has happened. Find gratitude in the situation and catch yourself when you do start to feel guilty or sad about the past. Be proud of every step out that you take and know that the past has brought you here to who you are now, which is a beautiful thing.

Haley: It doesn’t always have to take a rock bottom to see that you are going in the wrong direction and turn around. Personally, I have found that sometimes it’s the little annoyances, and irritations that can throw off a whole day which can throw off a whole week etc.

Those are my hardest times to stop and make myself take responsibility of my emotions. Just today our morning was thrown for a loop. The bank was taking it’s sweet time cashing a check we needed that day. We had to rearrange our plans and it was frustrating. As we drove back up the mountain I found myself throwing away this whole day, just writing the whole thing off as a loss because of this one incident that happened right away in the morning.

Once I became aware that this was what I was doing I decided to start thinking of all the ways I could make today fun despite what happened this morning. I decided to leave it behind instead of carrying it with me all day. I realized that I had been doing this my entire life.

If any part of a day didn’t go my way I just gave up and wrote off the whole day. That's silly! Each moment we have a chance to start new if choose and the moment is all we have. Don’t let the little stuff steal an entire day from you.

Let us know how you've overcome an extreme situation in your life experience.